Duralo Brake Pads

Premium Ceramic Series

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Duralo brake pads are a guaranteed exact fit for your year, make and model and are easy to install. Duralo has thousands of premium ceramic series brake pads to fit a wide variety of applications of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. To get started on ordering your Duralo brake pads, visit our Partner’s page for a list of online stores that sell Duralo.
All Duralo Ceramic Brake Pads Feature:

  • Unique Enhanced Scorching for greater initial bite and quick break-in
  • Shims and grease for an easy noise-free installation
  • Chamfered edges and center slots just like a factory brake pad
  • Low dust and high grip
  • 0 asbestos content

Advantages of Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are generally considered to have much better brake performance than their older organic cousin the asbestos/metal brake pad. Ceramic brake pads have the advantage of high thermal dimensional stability and largely improved pedal pressure sensitivity. Many people also love ceramic pads because they tend to be quiet with a great all-around performance in a variety of conditions. Ceramic pads offer a great balance of fade resistance, initial bite, and longevity. Most modern vehicles now come from the factory with ceramic pads installed and it is clear the industry is moving towards ceramic pads for general use.

*Note: Brake performance is affected by many factors, the quality and material of the brake pads in your vehicle is simply one of them.